Diagnostics and Functional Treatment in CP Gait Disorders

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Dear colleagues, dear friends I am more than happy to invite you to this conference on the treatment of gait disorders in cerebral palsy. It marks the end of a three years project aiming at knowledge transfer of this topic to Armenia and Uzbekistan.

This project was very successful. The modern treatment concepts were introduced in these countries with good results and profit for the patients. Gait analysis has become available in Armenia and is planned for Uzbekistan which provides the necessary diagnostic tool. To celebrate the end of this project this meeting summarises the experience of these countries and the recent state of the concepts. Invited speakers guarantee for a high level of knowledge and information, and case discussions provide a platform for discussions with clinical relevance.

The meeting is held in Basel with its charming medieval city centre close to the venue place. In June the weather is usually warm and pleasant. You may decide to spend the weekend and experience the city, its museums and its restaurants. Basel has an airport with good connections to many European cities but is also easy to reach from Zürich airport by train (you may have to change at Zürich main station). I would be pleased to welcome you for this meeting which promises a high quality, in the wonderful city of Basel

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